‘Moon Knight’ director wants to see Oscar Isaac’s hero face the Hulk

Oscar Isaac Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Entertainment

Moon Knight officially launched on Disney Plus this Wednesday, and it’s already abundantly clear from just the first episode that Oscar Isaac’s eponymous hero is very different from the other costumed crusaders who occupy the MCU. That means it should be doubly exciting when the character starts to crossover with the other corners of the franchise. The potential unexpected team-up partners for Moony are endless, although director Mohamed Diab has already made his pick.

Diab, who helmed four out of six episodes of the series, was asked by ScreenRant which Marvel hero he’d most like to see Isaac’s Marc Spector cross paths with on screen. Diab chose one that no doubt many fans could get behind — Mark Ruffalo’s incredible Hulk.

“I love a lot of people. I love everyone in the MCU,” Diab explained. “Oscar said this idea about teaming up with the Hulk. It’s a crazy idea to have two people, in a way, who have two characters interacting with each other. Just imagine that back and forth, back and forth, between the four of them. It would be so interesting. I like Mark Ruffalo, for sure. I love everyone, but I’m telling you that interaction could be very interesting.”

The notion of Moon Knight meeting Bruce Banner really isn’t that crazy. One of the other Marvel shows on its way to Disney Plus is She-Hulk, which will bring Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters into the fold but also feature her more famous cousin Bruce in a key supporting role. With Ruffalo becoming part of the D+ family in that series, then, that might set up the opportunity for him to encounter the Avatar of Khonshu.

There’s also a strong connection between the two characters, too, as they both know what it’s like to live with having competing personalities, what with Bruce’s history with The Other Guy and Marc’s Dissociative Identity Disorder. Plus, there’s the comic-booky thrill of seeing the mystically-powered mercenary fight side by side with the gamma-irradiated green meanie.

For the moment, though, Spector looks to be going solo as we’ve been told not to expect much in the way of MCU interconnectivity in Moon Knight season one as it’s mostly interested in carving out its own space in the universe. But maybe a hang-out with the Hulk could happen in a potential second season.

Moon Knight‘s pilot episode is now streaming on Disney Plus.