‘Moon Knight’ fan points out that a scene in the pilot foreshadowed episode 5’s major twist

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 5

An astute Redditor has gone back to the first episode of Moon Knight and discovered a mind-blowing bit of foreshadowing to the major twist in episode five.

The fifth episode, “Asylum”, features Marc Spector and Steven Grant battling to balance out their souls as they journey into the afterlife. Doing this requires a mending of memory, and Steven does not make it out of the voyage “alive” to the Field of Reeds.

Redditor /u/jzimoneaux noted that the end of the line for Steven Grant was hinted back as early as the scene that introduces Steven in the show’s first episode. Speaking to a young girl at the Natural History Museum, she mentions him getting rejected from the Field of Reeds. Much to the bemusement of Grant and viewers, who did not see the twist coming at the time.

What exactly this means is one of the major mysteries ahead of the season finale next week, with fans theorizing who exactly the girl is. One user has suggested that perhaps she is Taweret, the anthropomorphic hippo introduced at the end of the fourth episode.

Another possibility is that this is another character from the Ultimate Marvel comics, known as Inner Child. One of the other alters of Marc Spector, Inner Child hasn’t shown up in a comic since the Ultimates era of the 2000s.

Inner Child isn’t the only alter audiences haven’t seen yet in the Disney Plus series, with Jake Lockley still to make his debut in the series – though fans have theorized on that too.

All should be revealed next week, with the limited series finale said to satisfy fans according to its director.