‘Moon Knight’ fans think they know who Khonshu is

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Moon Knight‘s second episode has thrown more hints toward the snotty and vindictive Khonshu’s true identity, and fans think they’ve cracked one of the series’ biggest mysteries.

Khonshu’s petty squabbles with his own avatar Marc Spector and former Fist of Vengeance Arthur Harrow have made fans curious about what exactly is going on with the Egyptian moon god. Are they the righteous figure they pose as? Are they actually in charge of Marc Spector?

A fan theory from Reddit has made waves by positing the claim that Jake Lockley, the only alter yet to be seen, is the facade Khonshu wears when taking control over the body of Spector. Redditor /u/AstroDunce believes that while Mr. Knight and Moon Knight are the personas of Steven Grant and Marc Spector respectively, Jake Lockley is Khonshu’s “suit”.

Lockley hasn’t knowingly appeared yet in the series, but this theory would suggest that certain instances, such as the date being booked unknowingly by Steven Grant, was done by the Lockley/Khonshu alter.

In comics, Lockley, one of the three classic alters of Marc Spector, and is a cab driver with street smarts. In the Disney Plus series, the blue-collar persona is much more inhibited by Grant who is a downtrodden gift shop worker.

The reveal of further alters feels likely, as we dive further into what made Marc Spector who he is. Spector remarks to Grant that he’s been at the Moon Knight gig for a while, and his passport has him pegged at 36 years old, assuming the series takes place at the same time as WandaVision in 2023.

The future for Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight is unknown, and with Khonshu seemingly eyeing up Layla as his next avatar, perhaps the pitched idea for Moon Knight in the film will not be Isaac, but Calamway’s Layla?

Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney Plus, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday.

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