‘Moon Knight’ may be heading back for reshoots

moon knight

2021 was a great year for Marvel Studios, but after Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans face a long wait for new content. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is coming in May, but we don’t know what’s airing next on Disney Plus.

The top candidate is Moon Knight. This hotly anticipated project will introduce Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight ⏤ a dark, weird, and supernaturally-themed hero known for his surreal and intense adventures. That wrapped last year, though we now have indications that reshoots are about to begin.

The rumor comes from Michael Hernandez, Oscar Isaac’s brother via Twitter channel @OscarIsaacInfo, who reposted this telling Instagram story:

This isn’t hard to decode. We can see the Moon Knight logo, the picture is taken on a flight, and “time to finish what we started” makes sense as a reference to reshoots.

It’s difficult to say whether this will affect the release date as it’s unclear how substantial these reshoots are going to be. I’m hoping they’re a few quick alterations to scenes rather than a complete reworking, as there’s still an outside chance this show could premiere on Disney Plus in late spring.

The other 2022 Disney Plus shows don’t seem quite as ready. Ms. Marvel was supposed to be out by now, but Disney has delayed it until the Summer. She-Hulk has also wrapped, and we’ve seen a teaser trailer, though the effects-heavy nature of the show means it needs a long time in post-production.

Let’s hope we get some dates and a Moon Knight trailer soon, as a five-month gap between new MCU content is way too long!