First Moon Knight Set Photo Arrives As Production Begins

WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier might have drawn to a close, but there’s still an avalanche of Marvel Cinematic Universe content on the way to Disney Plus over the next couple of years. There are another ten live-action shows, two animated spinoffs and a holiday special all set to arrive before the end of 2023, and one of the most exciting projects on the horizon is Moon Knight.

The titular antihero has been a firm fan favorite among Marvel Comics readers ever since making his debut in 1975, with Marc Spector poised to be one of the MCU’s most complex protagonists yet. As per his origins, the nocturnal vigilante is a former boxer, Marine, CIA agent and mercenary dealing with dissociative identity disorder, and the show has already been likened to Mr. Robot and Westworld in terms of its psychological aspects.

Not only that, but Spector gets his powers thanks to striking a deal with Egyptian deity Khonshu after being betrayed and left for dead following an archeological dig, which sounds wild to say the least. Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke are on board to play the hero and villain respectively, and the first set photo has arrived now that production is underway in Budapest, which you can see below.

The crew are also going to pitch up in Atlanta, Los Angeles and England over the coming months, with the six-episode limited series expected to premiere next year. Given that cameras are now rolling, there are a few major casting announcements still to be revealed, with May Calamawy the only other member of the ensemble announced so far outside of Isaac and Hawke, and you can bet that this will be just the first of many behind the scenes glimpses at Moon Knight.