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‘Moon Knight’ star Oscar Isaac drops another Midnight Sons tease

Oscar Isaac teases what could be next for Moon Knight in the MCU, and he's name-dropped the Midnight Sons again.

Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

In just three days, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will finally be able to watch the first installment of Moon Knight, the six-episode event series that’s virtually guaranteed to mark just the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership between Oscar Isaac and the world’s biggest film and television franchise.

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While it can’t be ruled out that Marc Spector could simply up and vanish into the ether after a single season, it’s very unlikely. Director Mohamed Diab has already admitted that he’d love to see Isaac stick around the MCU for the next decade, while Ethan Hawke vaguely teased that Moon Knight ends on a note that leaves the door open for future runs.

Isaac knows a thing or two about tethering himself to major Disney-backed properties after playing Poe Dameron in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and while he was vague in outlining his intentions during an interview with Total Film, the actor did drop another hint that Midnight Sons membership could be on the cards.

“I wouldn’t want to spoil anything, but what I can say is that what we really tried to do is map out the journey of integration and then how that is a step in healing from trauma, and that the real superpower that this character, or these characters, have is their experiences. And when those things can be integrated, as opposed to pushed away, that’s where real strength comes from.

I mean, maybe. Obviously, there’s the Midnight Sons comic book, which is the kind of supernatural Avengers with Blade and Ghost Rider and Punisher. The idea is really interesting, but it would have to be like, is there something interesting to tell about this character in that world?”

Once Moon Knight has established its protagonist, the doors will be wide open for Isaac to become a recurring part of the MCU mythology. With the supernatural side of the shared saga set to play a major role in the brand’s expansion moving forward, the possibilities are growing increasingly limitless.