‘Moon Knight’s goat scene is the internet’s new favorite meme

moon knight

An instantly iconic scene from the latest episode of Moon Knight has become the internet’s new favorite meme. This week’s second installment had some controversial elements, including an unexpected portrayal of Mr. Knight, but it was also a gift to social media users thanks to its many meme-able moments, like the “My name’s Steven with a V” line. But one clip from the episode is exploding online more than any other. Yes, it’s the goat scene.

To recap, episode two features a segment where Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow attempts to win over Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant to his side by showing him the creepy utopian community he’s built in the middle of London, a place where there’s no violence and the people grow and farm their own food. At one point, a braying can be heard, causing Steven to say “goat” and point at the off-screen animal.

The goat moment has since taken on a life of its own on Twitter as fans use it to joke that various iconic Marvel characters — or GOATs — made secret cameos in Moon Knight episode two.

Even DC fans have gotten in on the game.

Amazon’s Invincible, meanwhile, hijacked the meme to promote its own superhero named Marc/Mark…

Oh, so that’s why Willem Dafoe was on the Moon Knight set!

The meme’s got totally out of control at this point, though, with other folks using it to hype up their personal favorite celebrities.

Or, you know, just themselves.

With sassy Egyptian gods, a protagonist with an awful cockney accent, and much more besides, Moon Knight was always going to spawn a boatload of memes, and this goat/GOAT moment almost feels deliberately inserted to catch the internet’s attention. We’ll have to see what other meme material future episodes will offer up as the series continues Wednesdays on Disney Plus.