‘Ms. Marvel’ scores the lowest viewership of any MCU series so far

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For a hot minute, Ms. Marvel was the highest-rated Marvel Cinematic Universe project ever on Rotten Tomatoes, although slipping back to a 95 percent score on the aggregation site (just behind the 96 percent of Black Panther) after two episodes is hardly a disastrous fall from grace.

Obviously, the review-bombers have been out in full force to try and put a dampener on everyone’s enthusiasm, even if a lot of the downvoting is based on malicious intent at the expense of a thoughtful analytical rumination. That being said, new data from third-party outfit Samba TV has crunched the numbers, and determined that Ms. Marvel has scored the lowest viewership of any MCU streaming series so far.

We should point out that the data only pertains to televisions equipped with Samba’s software, so it’s far from being a definitive statement when Disney Plus never reveals viewership data outside of its very broadest strokes, but it’s a hugely interesting find nonetheless.

While Ms. Marvel‘s premiere roped in 775,000 households to come bottom of the pile, it fared the best among the younger generation. As per Samba’s findings, Iman Vellani’s introduction as Kamala Khan was watched at the highest rate among viewers between the ages of 20 and 24, and drew a more diverse audience than the likes of WandaVision, Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and Moon Knight.

Anyone can spin numbers whichever way they want, but it’s safe to assume that Ms. Marvel (both the show and the character) will be sticking around as an important cog in the MCU machine for some time to come.

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