MTV’s Jersey Shore Will Pack It Up After Season Six

Even though MTV has found reality show gold with Jersey Shore, the network has announced that the series will be coming to an end after its upcoming sixth season. The #1 cable show has spawned several spin-off series including The Pauly D Project and Snooki & JWOWW, which will air its season one finale just a couple of weeks before the premiere of Jersey Shore‘s final season.

It’s no secret that the cast has become more demanding as the show became television’s newest guilty pleasure. Rumors have been circulating for some time about series regulars asking for pretty outrageous salaries. With ratings for the show beginning to even out and the cast moving on to more side projects, both on and off the network, the decision makes sense. Why wait for ratings to take a nose dive when you can go out with a bang?

Just because the series is coming to an end doesn’t mean that MTV isn’t planning to take full advantage of the show while it’s still around though. The network has already announced farewell programming set to begin almost a month before the season premiere. The cast of Jersey Shore will be taking over the airwaves on September 6th leading up to the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.

Fans can expect a full-day marathon followed by a look back at the show, Gym, Tan, Look Back, airing at 6 pm. The hour-long special will wrap up just in time for the cast to hang out, live and in person, on the red carpet during the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show giving viewers the inside scoop.

The sixth and final season of Jersey Shore premieres on MTV on October 4th.

Are you bummed to see Jersey Shore go or is this a sign that television is about to get a lot less trashy? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Deadline

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