Neil Gaiman debunks rumor that ‘The Sandman’ has been canceled already 

Tom Sturridge as Dream in the ‘Sandman’ series
Via Netflix

Netflix’s The Sandman is the long-awaited series from creator Neil Gaiman, but the lack of news has caused fans to speculate that it’s been canceled. Gaiman has soundly confirmed that the series is indeed still moving forward.

On Twitter, a fan asked Gaiman about the cancelation talk swirling around the series. Gaiman debunked the idea and wrote back, “Because we haven’t yet announced a launch date? That’s hilarious.” Quite the clear-cut response.

The Netflix series is based on Gaiman’s highly acclaimed graphic novels, and follows Dream / Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, who breaks free from decades of imprisonment to collect his objects of power and restore himself to his former glory. Along the way, Dream will come across various characters — human and non-human alike — on his quest through diverse worlds of dreaming.

Apart from The Sandman teaser and casting announcements, which included Tom Sturridge (Mary Shelley) as Dream himself, Kirby Howell-Baptiste (The Good Place) as his sister Death, and Game of Thrones actors Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer and Charles Dance as Roderick Burgess, there hasn’t been much in the way of new information.

Netflix has been keeping very mum about the series, and to a degree it’s understandable. The Sandman is Gaiman’s most notable work of fiction and it’s beloved by critics and fans alike. To many, it’s a masterpiece of the art form, and to say that expectations are high would be an understatement for the ages.

Considering the level of talent associated with this project — and this being DC’s most expensive show to date — it would be unlikely for Netflix to throw out what could be a major success before it’s even been released. Netflix reportedly has big plans for the series, which will likely continue for multiple seasons, so fans shouldn’t worry too much.

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