Neil Gaiman has hilarious response to fans asking for ‘The Sandman’ updates

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When it comes to the upcoming The Sandman TV series, Netflix is taking a “just wait and see” approach to its promotion, apparently confident that the enormous anticipation for the screen adaptation of the seminal DC/Vertigo comic book will be enough to keep folks hyped until nearer the time of its release. While that’s a fair strategy, fans are still itching to learn more about the show.

But to those impatient people, Neil Gaiman has the perfect response. When a fan asked him on Twitter if there will be any news or new trailers for The Sandman in the future, the acclaimed comic book scribe and screenwriter delivered a reply that was dripping with sarcasm.

“No. There will never be any news about Sandman on Netflix ever again,” Gaiman deadpanned. “There will be no trailer, no publicity, no posters, no word of any kind. When we release the show we will do it silently and secretly and then take it down from Netflix before you get a chance to watch it.”

In other words — just sit tight, folks, and eventually Netflix will properly get the ball rolling on promoting the series. This isn’t the first time Gaiman has attempted to temper fans’ impatience either. When replying to another person eager for updates, the Coraline author stressed that no one has been waiting for The Sandman show longer than him, as he’s been hoping for an adaptation of his magnum opus since he started writing it in 1987.

So if Gaiman has waited 35 years to see Morpheus in live-action, then the rest of us can definitely sit tight for just a few more months. It’s not like we’ve yet to see anything from the series, anyway, as an eye-opening featurette released at last year’s TUDUM event revealed the first footage, including our first look at Tom Sturridge in the lead as the Lord of the Dreaming.

Joining Sturrridge in The Sandman is a dream supporting cast, including Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer), Boyd Holbrook (the Corinthian), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Death), Jenna Coleman (Johanna Constantine), David Thewlis (Doctor Destiny), and Stephen Fry (Gilbert). Adapting the first two volumes of the comic book, the 11-episode first season of The Sandman is thought to awaken on Netflix sometime later this year.

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