Neil Patrick Harris teases playing ‘Doctor Who’s greatest ever enemy


There are so many reasons to be excited for Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary celebrations next year. Not only is Ncuti Gatwa joining the Whoniverse as the latest incarnation of the Doctor, but David Tennant is returning to the series for its big birthday bash, alongside former companion Catherine Tate. We even know who’ll Tennant will be facing. How I Met Your Mother icon Neil Patrick Harris is set to play a powerful new foe for the Time Lord.

While appearing on The View recently, Harris spoke publicly for the first time about his mysterious Who character, who showrunner Russell T. Davies has labelled the “greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced.” Harris kept his lips shut as much as possible but he did praise Davies, who he previously worked with on acclaimed miniseries It’s a Sin, as an “amazing guy” who’s “super lovely.”

What he could tease is how much he enjoys being part of something as wild and imaginative as the Doctor Who world. Harris said:

I’m not allowed to talk about my character and, you know, it’s not gonna come out for a little while, but this is a really fun sandbox in which to play.”

Goldberg then took the opportunity to once again voice her interest in portraying the Doctor herself, to which Harris decided to take a moment to champion incoming TARDIS pilot Gatwa, describing the Sex Education star as “amazing.” Harris added, ]

He’s a person of color and is very sexy and he’ll be a great Doctor.

Ever since Harris was confirmed to be battling Tennant and Tate back in June, Whovians have been hyped to see him in action, with many theories bubbling up that he could be some classic series villain that we haven’t seen in years. The actor’s reluctance to say too much in this interview could be another indication that the identity of his character will mean something to fans. But we’re going to have to wait until 2023 for the answer to be uncovered.

Doctor Who returns later this fall for Jodie Whittaker’s final episode.