Netflix Acquires Rights To Warner Bros’ Pretty Little Liars

Netflix has officially announced that they have acquired rights to teen drama series Pretty Little Liars.

As part of a multi-year deal with Warner Brothers, Netflix will begin to stream previous seasons of the hit ABC Family show. The first season is already available for fans with season 2 coming on July 3rd. Too bad it wasn’t in time for viewers to catch up before the Season 3 premiere, which aired last week.

Along with Pretty Little Liars, Netflix will also begin streaming The Lying Game. The show, which also airs on ABC Family, won’t be available on Netflix until early 2013, after the second season starts.

This is only the latest in a growing list of shows that Netflix has added to their television heavy digital content. In the last couple of months Netflix has struck a deal with both the CW Network and AMC for shows like Gossip Girl and Mad Men.

They also made history when they acquired the rights to Arrested Development, with the intent to continue the series despite it being off the air for years.

With the huge per-episode price tag attached to these shows, let’s hope it pays off..literally!