Netflix Only Added 2 New Titles Today, But A Lot More’s Coming Tomorrow

Can You Hear Me?

If you’ve been on Netflix at all in the last week or so, you’ll no doubt have caught wind of their latest smash hit, Space Force. If you’re somehow still unfamiliar with it though, you can catch the trailer above for a tease of what’s turning out to be a pretty popular original title for the streaming platform, with the show currently the #1 most watched thing on there.

But Netlifx has never been one to rest on their laurels and they continue to add more and more fresh content. In fact, today brings with it two TV series which may be a bit underwhelming when compared to what the past few days have brought us, but still represent something new to dig into. Plus, tomorrow should more than make up for it.

For now, though, you can see below for the full list of what arrived on Netflix today:

Baki (Season 2 – Part 3) – The next batch of episodes for the anime fighting series.

Can You Hear Me? / M’entends-tu? (Season 1)  – Canadian series about three friends living through dysfunctional lives.

Can You Hear Me?

So, there’s your offering for June 4th. And while it’s hard to imagine too many people being enthused by what’s been added here, like we said above, tomorrow should definitely make up for it.

After all, Netflix is planning to serve up a healthy helping of new content on Friday, just in the time for the weekend. Aside from all three seasons of Hannibal being added to the streaming site, we’ll also get the new season of 13 Reasons Why, an original film in the form of The Last Days of American Crime which looks fantastic – and more.

But tell us, what do you plan on checking out on Netflix this week? As always, feel free to share your picks with us down below.