Netflix and J.J. Abrams teaming up for U2 series, but at least it’s not AppleTV

JJ Abrams is producing a series about U2 that is currently in early development at Netflix, but presumably, it won’t be automatically added to your queue like that notorious iPhone album.

The scripted series will be produced under Abrams’ Bad Robot company, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Television. The show will be penned by Bohemian Rhapsody writer Anthony McCarten, Variety reports.

Not many details are currently available about U2’s involvement, but given McCarten’s previous work, we can only assume this will be some kind of musician biopic about the history of the band and its members.

Back in 2014, the band teamed up with Apple for a unique release of their album Songs of Innocence, where the songs were automatically added to iTunes users’ accounts for free. While members of the band, such as lead singer Bono, intended it as a gift to music lovers, it stirred something of a controversy at the time for many people not wanting the album in their collection.

But despite a seemingly meme-worthy career that has drawn the mockery of everyone from South Park to Bono himself, the band nevertheless does boast some fairly impressive high water marks throughout its history. For instance, their 1980 debut studio album, Boy, is considered by Rolling Stone to be one of the best albums of all time.

Formed in Ireland 1976, U2 are among the best-selling bands of all time, releasing 14 total studio albums that have collectively won 22 Grammy Awards. In addition to Paul “Bono” Hewson, the other bandmates include Adam Clayton, David “the Edge” Evans, and Larry Mullen, Jr.