Netflix Cancels Another Original Show After Just 1 Season

The Big Show Show

Having already wielded the axe and canceled The Society and I Am Not Okay With This after just one season despite originally renewing both for a second run, it appears that Netflix might be in the midst of some serious cost-cutting measures. Fans might have been furious that two of their favorites had been canned, but with the streaming giant never releasing any official viewing figures for either, it seems likely that they simply weren’t popular enough to justify the expense.

One recently-canceled show that they did release the data for though was Altered Carbon, and drawing in just 2.5 million viewers in the first seven days for season 1 isn’t a good look for what you would imagine to be one of their most costly efforts to produce. And the fact that the numbers weren’t even revealed for season 2 would make you think that it proved to be even less successful among subscribers.

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Rumors that Netflix are in the midst of huge cutbacks continue to gather at pace, with The Big Show Show being the latest to find itself being cancelled by the streaming site after just one season. The series only debuted in April, but now finds itself binned after eight episodes. In-house sitcoms have never really been regarded as the company’s most acclaimed output, and the cast will make their final bow in an upcoming Christmas episode before riding off into the sunset.

One positive for star The Big Show though is that his schedule is now free for him to pursue the role of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Kingpin, which he admitted he was actively chasing. The seven-foot tall 48 year-old could always return to the world of professional wrestling, but you’d imagine he’d continue chasing acting opportunities having recently drawn praise for his recurring role on the second season of Syfy’s Happy.

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