Viewers Are Furious After Netflix Cancels Two Of Its Best New Shows

V Wars

Netflix is usually the good guy when it comes to saving shows. For example, they picked up Lucifer after it was cancelled by Fox and even if their original content has a rough first season, they’ll often give it a second to see if it picks up a fanbase or improves. That said, they’re not always a soft touch: the critically acclaimed yet little-watched Marianne didn’t get a second season, so they do have limits. Now, it seems they’re bringing down the hammer once again, as vampire sci-fi V-Wars and supernatural drama October Faction just got cancelled.

While Netflix generally doesn’t release viewing figures to the public, neither show was received particularly well by critics. So we can probably assume that the audience wasn’t what the network had hoped for. Even so, these shows had fans and they’re not happy at the news, as you can see below:

V Wars

Honestly, I can sympathize. After all, it’s one thing to cancel a show, but it’s quite another to leave it dangling on a cliffhanger that’ll now forever go unresolved. Even more annoyingly, the one ray of hope that most cancelled shows have is that Netflix themselves will pick up the rights, which obviously isn’t going to happen in these cases.

But ultimately, it’s a cutthroat world out there and the streaming market is getting more competitive by the day (especially now that we’re all stuck at home). Companies like Netflix must be keenly aware that they must preserve and define their brand image, which runs the risk of being harmed by shows that critics pan and not many watch. Plus, even the most objectively bad series will amass a fanbase of some sort. But despite Netflix’s healthy development budget, the axe has to fall somewhere.

So, RIP V-Wars and October Faction, you may not be missed by many, but you will be missed.