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Netflix fans aren’t so sure the world needs more ‘Black Mirror’

Do we need a season six when we're already living it?

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Surprise! Three years after its last batch of episodes, Black Mirror is set to return to Netflix for a sixth season. The sci-fi anthology series became a pop culture phenomenon in the late 2010s thanks to its engagingly bleak glimpses into the future, and yet since the world took a turn towards dystopia in real life, the show hasn’t been back on our screens. But that’s about to change now that season six is on its way.

And fans don’t know how to feel about it. Obviously, the announcement has been met with a lot of excitement from some quarters, but others are feeling much warier about the news. Certain people are questioning if we need a new season of Black Mirror when it feels like we’re already living inside of one.

Others are just scared that, given the show’s knack for Simpsons-level prophecy, season six will only predict some new terror that’ll end up plaguing us in the future.

Alternatively, different folks think this is a cynical ploy from Netflix to boost leaking subscriber numbers.

And some simply don’t want more episodes because they feel the quality has decreased since BM‘s early days.

Others, meanwhile, are more hopeful that season six could be an improvement.

It’ll be worth it if we get an episode from Donald Glover.

But still, maybe Netflix should hold off on this for a few more years yet.

Interestingly, creator Charlie Brooker has previously echoed much of what people are saying today. In an interview from back in May 2020, Brooker admitted that he was hesitant to make more Black Mirror as he questioned “what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart” at this time. But clearly, the pull to do more of the hit show was just too great, hence why we now find ourselves staring down the barrel-end of another batch of techno-nightmares.

Black Mirror season six will consist of feature-length episodes, although a specific number has yet to be revealed.

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