Netflix Teases Stranger Things Surprise Coming November 6th


While a handful of Netflix Originals have fallen in and out of favor over the past few years, the Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things has continued to prove popular with fans and critics alike. Sure, the premiere season is widely considered to be the best of the bunch, but the second and third have held their own just fine.

A few months back, the newest batch of episodes hit the streaming service, and the decision to end on a cliffhanger has ensured that Netflix subscribers will be anxiously awaiting the fourth (and oft-rumored final) season. We still don’t know what’s in store for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana, moving forward, though some tidbits of info regarding season 4 have recently come to light.

For instance, it’s been reported that the show will be adding four new male characters to its cast, and leaked set photos from a recent filming session in Georgia suggests that everyone’s favorite smal ltown sheriff will be making a return. There’s still a lot up in the air, of course, but a recent tweet from Netflix has given some fans hope that important news will be coming down the pipeline soon.

As reported by, a recent post on the See What’s Next Twitter account includes a blooper from the show’s third season. The short video is worth a chuckle or two, but the real takeaway is the tweet’s text, which promises a Stranger Things-related surprise for November 6th.

“If you like this blooper from Stranger Things Season 3 just wait until you see what Stranger Things has in store for you on November 6,” the tweet reads.

While we imagine some fans are hoping this will be an important announcement or piece of news, there’s a good chance that Netflix might simply end up sharing another blooper or behind-the-scenes video. Still, we certainly have our fingers crossed for something more substantive. As always, be sure to keep checking back with us for all your Stranger Things updates.