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Netflix Is About To Lose 2 All-Time Great TV Shows

Netflix is about to lose 2 all-time television classics, and you'd be wise to binge them before they depart the platform.

Twin Peaks

A new month is always an exciting time for users of any streaming service, as an influx of fresh content arrives, and Netflix is no different. Indeed, the platform is adding a ton of great movies and TV shows throughout June that should keep folks occupied for a while.

But as is always the case, June will also wave goodbye to a whole host of films and television series and when it comes to the latter, Netflix will be losing 2 all-time greats. We’re talking about Twin Peaks (seasons 1 and 2) and the original version of The Twilight Zone, with both shows set to depart on July 1st, which means June 30th is your last chance to check them out before they’re gone for good.

Obviously, given that these are older programs, it’s very likely that you’ve already seen them, and perhaps multiple times even, but if you haven’t taken the chance to dive into either one, they both come highly recommended and still hold up today.

Twin Peaks

Of course, Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone are far from the only shows that will be gone from the streaming site soon, as all three runs of the brilliant Hannibal are also set to say goodbye to Netflix users along with all of Portlandia. Those will be leaving closer to the start of the month, though, with the former gone on the 5th and the latter on the 7th.

But let’s not focus too much on the negatives. As we said above, Netflix will be gaining an enormous amount of new content over the coming weeks and be it originals or licensed titles, there’s a ton coming down the pipeline that you can get excited about. Just remember to binge Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone at some point before July 1st.

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