Netflix Renews Master Of None For Second Season

Master of None Poster

Netflix confirmed that the phenomenal comedy series Master Of None will return for a second season, and joyful celebration was heard throughout the land. The show, which debuted its 10 episode first season on the streaming channel in November 2015, has already collected a raft of awards nominations and wins – including a Critics Choice award for Best Comedy Series. Its second outing is now expected to arrive in 2017.

Created by Parks And Recreation alumni Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, the show is, quite simply, a breath of fresh air – building each episode around a specific subject, and seeking discussion and enlightenment on that topic through subtle and hilarious storytelling.

For example, season one episode titles include Plan B, Parents, Indians On TV and Old People. Ansari plays the lead character of Dev – a 30 year old actor, living in New York and working mostly in commercials – and it is through the lens of his interactions with his friends and family that we view the world and these subjects. This being the case, it is to the show’s benefit that Aziz Ansari is utterly brilliant in the role.

It also helps that his fellow cast members are equally brilliant – including Ansari’s own parents, Shoukath and Fatima. Rounding out his circle of friends are Noel Wells (Saturday Night Live), Lena Waithe (The Comeback), Eric Wareheim (The Office), Kelvin Yu (Cloverfield), Todd Barry (The Knick) and H. Jon Benjamin (Archer). The cast is bolstered by a core writing team consisting of Ansari, Zoe Jarman, Sarah Peters and Alan Yang, with some single episodes being co-written by Aniz Ansari, Andy Blitz, Joe Mande and the late Harris Wittels.

Discussing the possibility of a second season back in January 2016 on the TCA panel for the show, Aziz Ansari touched upon the need to continue the high level of quality already established, while singing the praises of Netflix.

“I definitely need some time to refill my head. The first season was so personal, I just wanna make sure whatever we do for season 2 lives up to what we did in the first season.

“I really had such a great experience partnering with Netflix, working with that whole group of people. We’d love to do it, we’re figuring it out.”

The team behind Master Of None will get their chance to do it all again, and we will be able to enjoy the result in 2017.