Netflix Officially Renews One Of Its Hottest Summer Shows For Season 2

Warrior Nun

After The Witcher surprised a lot of people by becoming the most popular TV show in the world on its way to also becoming Netflix‘s second most-watched series of 2019 behind only the cultural juggernaut that is Stranger Things, the streaming service look to be throwing their hat firmly into the ring in an effort to establish themselves as the place to be for big budget fantasy after the end of HBO’s Game of Thrones left a huge gap in the market.

It seems to be working a treat already, too, with The Old Guard and Project Power drawing in huge viewing numbers and plenty of buzz from the feature-length side of things, while Cursed and Warrior Nun provided very entertaining debut runs that subscribers devoured in no time at all. Both have been widely expected to be given the green light for further seasons, too, and after WGTC told you last month that it had been renewed, Netflix have now officially confirmed that Warrior Nun will be back for more.

Warrior Nun

Many people were quick to dismiss Warrior Nun as little more than a Buffy the Vampire Slayer ripoff designed to appeal to Generation Z, but despite some superficial similarities, the comic book adaptation is an altogether different beast. The first season does suffer a noticeable dip in the middle like a lot other Netflix shows, but the killer concept, expertly-choreographed action and Alba Baptista’s phenomenal performance in the lead role help to overcome these minor drawbacks.

There’s plenty of source material still left to mine for story inspiration, too, and with another huge hit on their hands, it looks like Netflix might be looking to spin Warrior Nun out for a few more seasons yet.