One Of Netflix’s Best New Shows Will Reportedly Return For Season 2 And 3

Warrior Nun

Ever since the turn of the millennium, movies and TV shows based on either comic books or graphic novels have proven to be hugely popular, and in recent months Netflix have finally caught on and doubled down on the genre, with several of their highest-profile recent originals being page-to-screen adaptations.

Extraction became the streaming giant’s biggest original movie ever after the Russo brothers adapted their own Ciudad, while The Old Guard continues to dominate and is set to join Chris Hemworth’s actioner on the list of most-watched in-house projects, along with the live-action take on Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s illustrated novel Cursed that has been generating some very healthy buzz since it was released yesterday.

Having already been predicted for success after gaining early and hugely favorable comparisons to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warrior Nun did not disappoint and grabbed the internet’s attention when it debuted at the start of the month, with fans instantly falling in love with the mythology and cast of characters that range from weaponized members of the clergy to inter-dimensional demons.

Warrior Nun

While Netflix haven’t released any official viewing figures for Warrior Nun just yet, it must have been a pretty big hit because we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones that told us the streaming giant had greenlit an Extraction sequel well before they announced it – that the show has already been renewed for second and third seasons.

The source material has already been the subject of over a dozen comic book runs, so there’s no shortage of potential storylines for the next couple of seasons to adapt. And while the title alone is probably enough to gauge whether you’re interested in Warrior Nun or not, from the looks of things, Netflix are more than happy with the numbers and are keen to continue with their latest buzz-worthy original show.