Netflix Releases Bizarre New Teaser Trailer For Stranger Things Season 3


It’s been an awful long time since we last visited the charming little town of Hawkins, Indiana – too long, some might say.

But this summer, that will all change with the release of Stranger Things season 3. And while Netflix has been keeping characteristically quiet in terms of what to expect from the next run (barring that primetime July launch date), over on Twitter, a bizarre new promo has emerged which seemingly teases that a full trailer is on the way and could arrive any day now.

Seen below, this teaser shows us a horde of rats in some sort of abandoned factory. The caption, meanwhile, reads: “it’s almost feeding time.” All things considered, it’s not much to get excited about as it doesn’t really reveal anything of note, but again, it’s likely just an appetizer for the main course, which we imagine will be here later this week.

As for what we know about season 3 so far, well, not very much. However, it’s believed that Hawkins will soon have to contend with the seemingly omnipresent Shadow Monster once again, which was averted (but crucially not killed) during the finale of the previous run.

Exactly what that means for Eleven and Co., we can’t yet say, but by all accounts, we’ve been promised that season 3 will be bigger and scarier than its predecessors. Which is exactly what the team said about season 2.

In any case, we should learn more soon, as Netflix’s Stranger Things is due to return to our screens on July 4th – just in time for Independence Day in the United States. Our advice? Clear your calendars and keep your cupboards stacked, because it’s (almost) binging time!