Netflix Releases Awesome New Poster To Mark Stranger Things Day


It’s November 6th, and if you’re a frequent visitor to Hawkins, Indiana you’ll know what that means – it’s Stranger Things Day! Inspired by the date the first episode of season 1 is set on – November 6th, 1983, the day Will Byers disappears – fans of the Netflix hit have claimed today as their own. And to mark the occasion, the show’s official social media presence has released this epic multi-season poster.

The illustrated one-sheet captures so many iconic moments from across the first three seasons of the series released so far – from Joyce’s blinking Christmas lights to the Battle of Starcourt Mall – as well as practically every major character on Stranger Things to date. Even Alexei, with his beloved cherry slurpee, is on there. As well as about half a dozen Elevens.

“Wow this gang really turned our lives upside down,” the page punned in the caption. “happy #strangerthingsday from our world to yours.” 

Stranger Things 3 was the biggest run yet for the show, so fans the world over are desperate for season 4. Naturally, Netflix is starting work on it as soon as possible, given ST‘s incredibly in-demand cast. Production is expected to begin early next year, though the length it takes to complete each season, which are always more ambitious than the last, means it’s unclear whether we’ll see it in 2020 or 2021.

Whenever it does return, we can expect the world to be expanded. The teaser trailer, that folks have been picking apart for the past couple of weeks, told us that “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.” This presumably refers to the fact that the Byers, plus Eleven, have moved away from the town. Oh, and Hopper’s either in the Upside Down or in Russia. But definitely not dead.

So happy Stranger Things Day, fans! Watch out for monsters when you’re cycling back home after playing Dungeons and Dragons tonight…