Stranger Things Season 3 Sets New Viewing Record For Netflix Original Series


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Hawkins, those pesky Russians decide to burrow beneath Starcourt Mall in an attempt to open the Gate – the very same Gate Eleven worked so hard to close during the finale of Stranger Things season 2.

That is, in a nutshell, the narrative throughline underpinning season 3, which shifted the Netflix darling into the scorching summertime after two years spent in the doom and gloom of winter. But this being Stranger Things, the Upside Down and its demonic minions are never too far away.

And the Duffer Brothers stayed true to the tried-and-tested formula (nostalgia callbacks, ’80s powers ballads… you name it), which worked out quite well for them as newly-released Netflix data has confirmed Stranger Things season 3 to be the platform’s most-watched original series ever. In an earnings report, the streaming giant announced that the show’s third installment was viewed by a record 64 million households in its first four weeks. Is it any wonder Dr. Alexei took over the Internet?

The Powers That Be over at Netflix have wasted no time in fast-tracking Stranger Things season 4 into production, while also securing the long-term futures of Matt and Ross Duffer. The creative duo have agreed to direct much of the show’s fourth (and potentially final) season. Aside from that, the Duffer Brothers also recently signed a lucrative overall deal with Netflix, ensuring they have the necessary resources to create multiple films and TV shows beyond Hawkins.

It’s a fitting reward for the filmmaking duo, who have created a modern phenomenon in Stranger Things. Few Netflix original series spark as much excitement as the sci-fi gem, and thanks to these newly-revealed figures, the proof is in the pudding.

Netflix is now lensing on Stranger Things season 4, with a late 2020 premiere seemingly on the cards.