Netflix Releases Full NeverEnding Story Scene From Stranger Things 3


There were a lot of standout scenes from the third season of Stranger Things that really caught the internet’s imagination, but one of every fan’s favorite moments from the run came in the finale, when two characters broke out into song. Specifically, an adorable rendition of a classic 80s theme.

Yes, I’m talking about the NeverEnding Story scene. After a season of us being unsure if she actually existed, Dustin’s girlfriend Suzie finally appears when he radios her for a mathematical code to help save the day. But first he has to do something for her: sing their song, which leaves the rest of the gang very confused when they hear it on the walkie-talkies.

In response to the scene’s popularity, Netflix has now released the full song on their YouTube channel. So feel free to sing along again and again. Come on, be honest, you were singing along when you watched it the first time.

This scene turned out to be a much-needed shot of lightness in a heartbreaking finale. Later on in the episode, Jim Hopper was caught in a deadly blast and apparently vaporized. Fans aren’t totally convinced that the police chief is really gone, but what matters is that the characters think he is. After Hopper’s loss, the Byers – plus Eleven – move away from Hawkins, tearing apart the Stranger Things family in the process.

As it’s hard to see how the show can permanently come back from half the cast leaving the town, it’s not too surprising that most signs are pointing to the smash hit supernatural drama coming to an end with its fourth season. Creators the Duffer brothers have also promised that the next run will be “very different” and will expand the world of Stranger Things beyond Hawkins. Something teased in the season 3 finale’s post-credits sequence, which revealed a Demogorgon in a Russian bunker.