Netflix Reportedly Developing Live-Action Splinter Cell And Cyberpunk 2077 Shows

Cyberpunk 2077

Netflix already have ten video game adaptations in various stages of development, covering everything from live-action movies to animated TV shows. Having experienced massive success with The Witcher, which dominated the most-watched list for weeks and became one of the streaming service’s biggest original shows ever, the platform is now keen to keep diving into the console back catalogue for inspiration.

The game companies themselves are also willing to play ball seeing as The Witcher led to all associated tie-in media getting a huge boost in sales, and with the genre finally starting to find a sustained level of critical and commercial appeal, it looks to be the perfect time to start churning out more and more content.

Cyberpunk 2077

Netflix are already developing animated projects based on Splinter Cell and Cyberpunk 2077, but the rumor mill has now turned to speculation that live-action versions of both could also be in the works. We’ve heard similar things from our own sources in the past, and if Resident Evil can bridge the two mediums on the service, then there’s no reason why others can’t follow suit.

Tom Hardy spent years developing Splinter Cell as a movie before it ultimately fell apart, and given their penchant for roping in the biggest names in the business, you wouldn’t put it past Netflix trying to get him on board for a new live-action take on the material. Meanwhile, one of the major selling points of Cyberpunk 2077 has been the handsome face of Keanu Reeves, leading to reports that he could be involved in a live-action adaptation of the game, but the only thing we definitely know for certain right now is that Netflix sees a huge amount of value in these IPs.