Netflix Has Reportedly Renewed One Of Its Biggest Shows For A New Season

space force

Netflix‘s Space Force launched with a bang at the end of May, immediately propelling itself to the top of the platform’s charts. The show reunites The Office creators Greg Daniels and Steve Carell and parodies the newest branch of the United States Military: the titular Space Force. Space Force has been largely mocked ever since its announcement and the series capitalized on that by depicting it as a plucky underdog of loveable losers pulling together to try and achieve the impossible.

Now, perhaps unsurprisingly given its success, we’re hearing that Netflix has renewed the show for a second season. The news comes courtesy of What’s On Netflix, who say word of the renewal comes from the same source who told them that Ozark, Warrior Nun and Fate: A Winx Saga have all been renewed. Soon after that announcement, Netflix officially confirmed that Ozark was indeed back, so right now, it seems that their information is on point.

But what could the second season of Space Force look like? Well, the first season saw our heroes successfully return to the Moon and set up ‘Habitat One’ as a moonbase. Where do you go from there, though? Well, there are constant rumblings about a manned mission to Mars, so why not have our astronauts race against the Chinese to stop the red planet from becoming the RED planet?

space force

Perhaps the only downside to that is that it’d step on Away‘s toes and mean that Netflix would have two original TV shows running about a mission to Mars. But Away and Space Force are of such different genres that they shouldn’t really overlap.

Here’s hoping this report proves true, because despite a couple of rough edges in the first season, I quite enjoyed the series. We’ll be sure to bring you more on the second season as we hear it, but in the meantime…onwards and upwards for Space Force!