Netflix Has Reportedly Renewed 3 Original TV Shows

Locke and Key

Netflix has reportedly renewed three of its original shows, according to the folks at What’s On Netflix. If true, Locke & Key is primed to receive its third season, while new series Away and Dash & Lily will get second runs on the platform. And though the streaming giant has yet to officially announce any of this, it’s undoubtedly great news for fans eager to see more of their favorite characters and storylines.

Supernatural horror show Locke & Key, especially, made quite a splash when it released in February of this year. As a matter of fact, it received a teaser for its second season within a month of its initial premiere, and Netflix has been said to be planning at least four runs of the show. The story of a group of siblings who discover keys in their home that unlock magical doorways is a great watch for both mystery and horror fans, so if you haven’t given it a look yet, now’s a great time to get invested.

Hilary Swank, meanwhile, knocked it out of the park in the new series Away, which follows the tribulations of a female astronaut and her family that she’s forced to leave behind for an important mission to space. Given the fairly strong reception that it was met with, it’s not surprising whatsoever that the show has received an order for a second season, and the news is sure to delight anyone who’s already become enamored with this emotional story.

Lastly, Dash & Lily hasn’t even released its first season yet, but it appears that Netflix is expecting good things from this tale of two lovers who pass a notebook back and forth throughout New York City. Only time will tell, though, if their proactive measures pay off in the end.

Tell us, are you excited by any of these renewals? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments section below.