Netflix Reportedly Considering Stranger Things Spinoff For Hopper

Stranger Things

As the marquee show of the world’s most popular streaming service, you would imagine that Netflix would be keen to keep the Stranger Things gravy train rolling on for as long as possible, even if the creators of the smash hit have already admitted that they know how the story will end.

It was thought that the fourth season could potentially be the last, but the Duffer brothers recently revealed that plans had apparently changed, while confirming that their ideas for Stranger Things‘ future are indeed finite. There’s still no official release date for the next batch of episodes, and production is yet to resume after being shut down during the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, but there’s already no shortage of theories making the rounds about where the plot could be heading.

We previously heard that Netflix were considering the idea of a feature-length movie to tie things up once the series comes to an end, and we’ve now been told by our sources – the same ones that said a prequel to The Witcher was in the works long before Blood Origin was officially announced – that a spinoff for David Harbour’s Jim Hopper is also being discussed behind the scenes, with the idea for it to take place after the parent show wraps up.

Of course, Hopper marked the breakout role of Harbour’s career after the 45 year-old had spent the majority of his time in the industry reduced to minor supporting parts, and fans would no doubt be thrilled at the idea of the gruff and world-weary police chief taking his collection of fantastic shirts on a string of all-new adventures. Even without the sci-fi element, though, a cop show or even a road trip buddy outing with Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers would be enough to bring in huge numbers and stretch Stranger Things out that little bit longer.