Netflix subscribers celebrate the return of ‘The Witcher’

the witcher
Image via Netflix

Two years is an eternity in the world of episodic television, and having seen a pair of new shows come along and steal its crown as the most-watched Netflix original series ever, The Witcher is back for Season 2 with a point to prove.

Having been drastically affected by both the pandemic and injuries to leading man Henry Cavill, the fantasy epic has faced one of the more tortured productions of the COVID-19 era. At long last, though, it’s time to return to the Continent with Geralt of Rivia and lay the smackdown on a succession of terrifying monsters.

As you can see from the reactions below, fans are already ecstatic that The Witcher is back in even bigger, better and badder form, with plenty of subscribers gearing up to binge the entire run in a single sitting.

Spider-Man: No Way Home may be dominating the cinematic side of the conversation, but The Witcher will be looking to drum up just as much interest and buzz as Tom Holland’s multiversal comic book adaptation. Season 2 is merely the prelude to the already-confirmed Season 3, prequel Blood Origin, another animated feature and a spinoff aimed at children and families, but it’s Cavill and Geralt that will be leading the franchise’s charge.