Netflix subscribers clearly haven’t been watching much else besides ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Umbrella Academy’

stranger things
Image via Netflix

Over the last two months, Netflix has played host to many original additions to their streaming offerings, but two have risen above the rest and those are Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy.

To no surprise, these shows are once again at the top of the Netflix viewership rankings and it’s not even close.

According to the rankings that are taken from the dates between July 4 and July 10, Stranger Things season four was the most-watched show with almost 200 million watch hours. Taking second place was the first season of the show recording just 45 million.

The Umbrella Academy took third place on the list with more than 43 million viewers tuning in to see the show’s third season, but as we continue down the list these two shows continue to reign supreme.

Stranger Things’ second and third seasons both drew more than 77 million viewers accumulatively and The Umbrella Academy’s first two seasons garnered a combined 32 million.

Of course, some other shows managed to slip in the gaps between these releases, with Manifest taking sixth place and Peaky Blinders’ final season drawing a viewership of 13 million to score ninth place.

It doesn’t look like Stranger Things will be slowing down anytime soon as the show is by far the most popular on Netflix right now. There is still one season to come, but it will be quite the task to break the seconds set by this latest addition.

As you’d expect, you can stream all of the shows listed here on Netflix right now.