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Netflix Users Are Warning Of A Show That’s Too Terrifying To Finish

Netflix users are warning each other before viewing creepy horror series on the platform, as it may just be too scary for anyone to finish.

Netflix added the Dutch horror series Ares to its library back in January and now, fans who’ve watched the show are warning first-time viewers that it may just be too scary to finish.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with the title, Ares follows a student who discovers the existence of a secret society and must then decide how much she wants to become involved in it. Shot mostly in and around the city of Amsterdam, it stars Dutch actors Jadie Olieberg, Tobias Kersloot and Lisa Smit, who all give believable and strong performances.

Created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten and Sander van Meurs, it’s also the latest foreign show to gain a fair bit of traction with the streamer’s American audience. Ever since the unexpectedly-huge success of Bong Joon-ho’s thriller Parasite, Netflix has been trying to cash in on our newfound appetite for foreign media. And while the company has been busy adding content produced in South Korea and Japan, it’s also shifted its focus onto Europe.

A Polish drama called 365 Days, for instance, has become one of Netflix’s most notorious offerings. Telling the story of a kidnapped woman who finds herself turned into the sex slave of an aggressive mobster, it’s drawn ire from numerous activists for its explicit content.

While Ares features a more politically-correct plot than 365 Days, the series is still jam-packed with disturbing stuff, so much so that viewers are seeing fit to caution one another about it, as you can see below:





It seems Netflix has been acquiring a ton of horror content lately, which is interesting given the world we currently live in. Although it may appear counter-intuitive that people want to see dark content in dark times, a recent study from the University of Chicago actually suggested that watching horror can help you cope better with the global pandemic.

So maybe give Ares a try if you haven’t already? Be warned, though, that you might not sleep very well for a while after viewing it.