Netflix Users Are Celebrating Sweet Tooth’s Renewal

sweet tooth

Once the viewership numbers were revealed, and Netflix were shouting from the rooftops about DC Comics adaptation Sweet Tooth drawing in 60 million streams in the first four weeks it was available to go down in the history books as one of the platform’s ten most-watched original shows ever, it was only a matter of time before Season 2 became official.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday, and it would be an understatement to say that fans were thrilled about it. The eight-episode first run dropped on June 4th, and there was a huge volume of subscribers who binged the entire thing from start to finish the very same day. The only downside to devouring a hot new show so fast is that the wait for its return feels a whole lot longer by comparison, but as you can see from the reactions below, the internet was buzzing at the prospect of Gus and Jep being guaranteed a return to their screens.

Netflix has always bet big on episodic fantasy, and while it doesn’t always come off as we’ve seen very recently with The Irregulars, Jupiter’s Legacy and Cursed, when it pays off, it tends to pay off pretty spectacularly. Sweet Tooth drew widespread critical and commercial acclaim for its engaging narrative, unique world-building, a sprawling mythology and accomplished performances from every member of the cast, so instant favorite status was almost guaranteed.

There’s no word yet on when we can expect Season 2 to arrive, though, but sometime around next summer would seem like the safest best. One thing we can guarantee is that it’s too far away in the eyes of many Sweet Tooth supporters, regardless of when the exact date may be.