Sweet Tooth Officially Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix

sweet tooth

At long last, Netflix have confirmed that smash hit DC Comics adaptation Sweet Tooth has been renewed for a second season, which is admittedly not the most surprising news after the latest batch of viewership data revealed that 60 million subscribers checked it out in the first four weeks the series was available, making it one of the platform’s ten most-watched original shows of all-time.

That being said, there were a few nervous fans before that point, especially when big budget bedfellows Jupiter’s Legacy and Cursed had both been canceled after drawing in strong viewing figures of their own, and there were no guarantees we’d be seeing Gus and Jep back on our screens until we discovered just how many people had taken the plunge to binge the eight-episode adventure.

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, with Gus having been captured by the nefarious General Abbot and Jep being left for dead. Luckily, former therapist and founder of the Preserve Aimee managed to get the former football player to safety, where they were readying themselves to go and get their surrogate children back by any means necessary.

There’s no start date for production announced as of yet, but hopefully shooting will go a lot smoother the second time around after Sweet Tooth‘s first season was forced to spend months on hiatus due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, setting the schedule back significantly.

Sweeping fantasy has been a regular source of popular content for Netflix, and Sweet Tooth was instantly embraced by both fans and critics, who can now rest easy in the knowledge that more episodes are definitely on the way, and the built-in audience is only set to grow bigger.