Netflix users embrace the delicious irony of ‘Wednesday’ potentially being snatched by Prime Video for season 2

Photo via Netflix

Netflix has been on a rampage recently when it comes to canceling hugely popular fantasy shows, with no less than 14 having been axed in the last year and a half. Throughout it all, Wednesday seemed like the one project that was safe from the chopping block, but a deliciously ironic twist could be on the cards.

Fresh from scooping a pair of Golden Globe nominations for Best TV Series and Best Actress in the Musical or Comedy categories, the unstoppable Addams Family juggernaut that became one of the streaming service’s most popular original shows of all-time is undoubtedly one of the biggest properties Netflix has its disposal.

And yet, a juicy report offers that not only could rights issues be the reason behind the wait for an official renewal announcement, but Prime Video could swoop in and take Wednesday for itself in what would be the on-demand coup of the century without a shadow of a doubt.

via Netflix

MGM Television is one of the production companies involved in the series, with the studio having been acquired by Amazon in a multi-billion takeover. That means Jeff Bezos’ outfit has skin in the game when it comes to one of its rivals’ biggest success stories seeing as they own the rights to The Addams Family and its associated intellectual property, and the irony hasn’t been lost on the disgruntled subscriber base.

In all honesty, there would be an element of karmic justice in Prime Video snatching Wednesday out of Netflix’s grasp, if only for the number of fantastical exclusives that have been binned over the last 18 months. There’s no guarantee it’ll happen, but it would be a tale for the ages if it did.