Netflix Users Freaking Out Over New Lucifer Trailer


Looking at how popular Lucifer has become since migrating over to Netflix, you have to wonder if Fox ever regret their decision to cancel the show after three seasons, allowing the streaming service to step in and offer it another chance. While the ratings were low on network television, the adventures of Tom Ellis’ Samael have consistently seen the reinvigorated series top the viewership charts, and it’s now regarded as one of the platform’s biggest in-house episodic hits.

All good things must come to an end, though, with the upcoming sixth season marking the end of the line for Lucifer. While Netflix could have no doubt strung the concept out for as long as possible, safe in the knowledge that people would be guaranteed to tune in, every show has a natural lifespan and you don’t want to drag things on for too long and watch the law of diminishing returns set in.

Season 6 was recently confirmed to premiere on September 10, in what will mark a bittersweet day for Lucifans everywhere. A new trailer was released to mark the announcement, and while it doesn’t contain any new footage right up until the final few seconds, that was more than enough to whip the fanbase into a frenzy, as you can see from the reactions below.

Looking at how Season 5 ended, we’ll be picking up with the devil now essentially god, which is a unique hook to put it lightly. Having stopped evil twin Michael from ascending to the heavenly throne, Lucifer is now technically the being in charge of overseeing the entire universe, which is no doubt going to pose many problems given both his hedonistic nature and unresolved arc with Chloe Decker.