Netflix Users Furious That Jupiter’s Legacy Has Been Cancelled


It’s never quite been made clear how Netflix determines which episodic projects to renew and which ones to cancel, but it’s presumably based on the relationship between the amount of money being invested into a particular title and the size of the audience that it finds. Clearly, the ratio was way off for Jupiter’s Legacy, the mega budget comic book adaptation that’s now bitten the dust after being axed.

Reviews were far from universally enthusiastic, as the show didn’t really find its groove until the last couple of episodes, and it’s hardly a stellar start for the streaming service’s investment in Mark Millar’s Millarworld. Now that Jupiter’s Legacy has officially been thrown onto the discard pile, it’s likely that we’ll never find out exactly how many subscribers checked it out in the first four weeks it was available on the platform, but it evidently wasn’t anywhere near enough.

Of course, there are still plenty of folks who massively enjoyed the generational superhero saga, so it’s hardly a surprise to discover that many fans are furious that Jupiter’s Legacy is no more, as you can see from the reactions below.


Once the tepid reviews started rolling in when season 1 dropped on May 7th, questions were instantly being raised about whether or not Jupiter’s Legacy would return. After all, if Netflix is happy to wield its axe in the direction of critical darlings like GLOW and I Am Not Okay with This, then something that more than likely cost at least four or five times more to produce as those aforementioned shows and didn’t receive widespread acclaim from either critics or subscribers was always feasibly hovering around the chopping block.