Netflix’s New Superhero Show Has Been Dominating All Week

Jupiter's Legacy

Netflix‘s newest comic book adaptation has been dominating the platform all week.

The streaming giant has found a lot of success with superhero TV shows over the years, from Marvel productions like Daredevil to The Umbrella Academy, based on the Dark Horse comics. Last week, though, saw the debut of Jupiter’s Legacy, inspired by the source material from Kingsman creator Mark Millar. And now, even over seven days since its launch, it’s still killing it on the service.

As of this Saturday, May 15th, Jupiter’s Legacy is the second most popular TV title on Netflix in the United States. The only thing that’s beating it to the top spot is new sitcom The Upshaws, which premiered on Wednesday. And when it comes to the overall rankings, the results are the same, meaning tons of people are checking it out.

Jupiter's Legacy

One of the few who’s not caught it yet? Well, the series offers up a multi-generational superhero family saga, exploring the origins of Superman-like The Utopian AKA Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel), his wife Lady Liberty AKA Grace (Leslie Bibb) and brother Brainwave AKA Walter (Ben Daniels) back in the 1920s, as well as checking in on them and their children – keen-to-impress Brandon (Andrew Horton) and rebellious Chloe (Elena Kampouris) – in the present day.

Frankly, Jupiter’s Legacy hasn’t been a massive critical smash, with it drawing some negative reviews for its familiar subject matter and self-serious tone, but clearly Netflix subscribers across the planet are loving it nonetheless. Having acquired the whole Millarworld back catalog back in 2017, the company will no doubt be excited by its success as they hope to expand this one into an ongoing franchise. A second season has yet to be officially announced, but it certainly seems likely.