Netflix users go wild for the return of ‘Ozark’

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Ozark has cemented itself as one of the best and most popular TV shows of the last few years. With that in mind, it’s no surprise the premiere of the first part of the fourth and final season has once again set social media alight, sending fans running to Twitter to talk about the new episodes. 

Ozark follows Martin “Marty” Byrde (played by Jason Bateman,) a financial advisor. Marty was involved in a Mexican drug cartel money laundering scheme. However, this scheme went terribly wrong, and the project collapsed. To make up for this, Marty goes to the Lake of the Ozarks part of Missouri and sets up a laundering operation that dwarfs the one that failed.

Of course, this plan doesn’t go smoothly, and Marty and his family end up entangled in the local criminal underworld, and their conflicts cause them many issues. 

Netflix’s kicked things off on Twitter with a countdown, causing hundreds of people to dive into the comments and talk about their hopes and wants for the season. 

One of the most surprising tweets came from journalist and CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who tweeted “Happy Ozark Day to those who celebrate.” This tweet quickly exploded, netting over 5000 likes and 500 retweets. 

Sports legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Shannon Sharpe heavily praised the new season after watching an early release of the first two episodes, proudly declaring that “This season is going to be CRAZY and yes Ruth Langmore and Darlene Snell are as nasty as ever.”

Shannon Sharpe wasn’t the only sports personality getting involved. NFL correspondent Annie Agar joked that watching the Byrde family lose money and cheat death every season “really just sounds like watching the Eagles.”

Tashan Reed summed up many fans’ feelings when they said: “Ozark is back. Time to be mad at Marty’s family again,” with many fans agreeing that the family’s decisions are both terrifying and mesmerizing. 

Others are commenting about the split-schedule release method. While some fans like it, others hate it, especially as they’re unsure when the second half will hit Netflix. One user summed it up by saying: “they only released part 1 & it could be forever before part 2.”

While everyone is trying to avoid posting spoilers, others are finding unique ways to describe and praise both the new season and the show as a whole. One Twitter user perfectly captures the mood when they say that the show is so tense “I be thinking I’m bout to get shot.”

Ozark will no doubt be dominating the social media conversation for the rest of the weekend, if not a whole lot longer, with subscribers poised to binge the penultimate run of episodes in a single sitting.

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