Netflix Walkouts Bring Back Previous Drama Surrounding Cuties

In the midst of yet another controversy over the content of streaming giant Netflix, people are remembering one that occurred not too long ago as well.

Recently, Netflix has garnered backlash over the Dave Chapelle comedy special The Closer, which has been accused of utilizing transphobic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. As a result of that controversy, a walkout of the company is being held in Hollywood today with over 100 protestors and allies. Actor Elliot Page and director Lilly Wachowski have voiced their support of the walkout, of which protestors have also released a “list of asks.” Despite these developments, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos initially defended the special.

However, some people took to Twitter to compare the walkout unfavorably with the reactions from the 2020 Netflix movie Cuties, a film that has been accused of courting pedophilic undertones due to its hypersexualized depiction of young girls joining a twerking dance crew.

Despite the fact that there was documented backlash against the movie, some believe it was not as significant as this current protest, such as former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo, known in more recent years for acting in Christian drama movies.

Some are wondering why a walk-out never happened for Cuties.

Then again, one of the main reasons people even talk about Cuties is because of the controversy, so was it so looked over after all?

What do you think about the controversy surrounding Netflix? Do think Cuties or The Closer — or both — should be removed from the platform? Let us know in the comments below.