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Netflix’s #1 TV series is faring even worse with critics than ‘Resident Evil’

Not a good look to be faring worse than a show fans couldn't stand.

keep breathing
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The promise of a new Netflix original series is often more than enough to convince subscribers that investing hours of their time is worthwhile, even if the show in question ends up being widely panned by critics and audiences. In fact, recent six-episode arrival Keep Breathing is faring even worse among the former group than the maligned Resident Evil.

The latest adaptation of the beloved video game franchise comfortably topped the viewership charts despite being resoundingly blasted by longtime fans of the source material, but it did manage to claw its way to a mediocre Rotten Tomatoes score of 52 percent. Meanwhile, survival thriller Keep Breathing is faring much worse at a decidedly disappointing 38 percent.

Keep Breathing. (L to R) Austin Stowell as Sam, Melissa Barrera as Liv in episode 101 of Keep Breathing. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

And yet, much like Resident Evil before it, the journey of Melissa Barrera’s Liv surviving a plane crash and battling the elements in the rugged Canadian wilderness has laughed in the face of the consensus to become the platform’s number one most-watched episodic offering this weekend.

As per FlixPatrol, Keep Breathing has secured first position on the charts in a dozen countries, and ranked on the Top 10 in 73 more to overtake Stranger Things at the head of the pack. As a limited event, there’s little chance of a second season renewal, which is probably just as well when Netflix has a habit for canning shows that don’t live up to expectations in double-quick time.

There’s a high chance everyone will have forgotten about it by this time next month, but for now, Keep Breathing reigns supreme.

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