Netflix’s Elder Scrolls Show Will Reportedly Have A Budget Of $150M Per Season

The Elder Scrolls Online

Similarly to Rockstar, Bethesda Softworks is a firm believer in glacial video game development.

The studio, most famous for its genre-defining Elder Scrolls series, has yet to revisit the world of Nirn since the franchise’s fifth installment, Skyrim, arrived over nine years ago. A sixth entry has, of course, already been confirmed to exist in one form or another, though it likely won’t be until the release of all-new sci-fi IP Starfield that full scale production will begin. That being the case, adorers of the high fantasy RPG still have an excruciating wait to struggle through before they’ll be able to embark on new adventures in the land of Tamriel, and it goes without saying that impatience has well and truly taken root, with no end in sight to the drought.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Keen as ever to establish itself as the go-to destination for video game adaptations on the small screen, however, Netflix is reportedly in the early stages of creating an exclusive live-action series based on the property, no doubt in an effort to capitalize on fans’ insatiable appetite for the endlessly absent Elder Scrolls VI. This is all according to notable insider Daniel Richtman, at least, who suggests that the streaming platform is looking to replicate the massive success enjoyed by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s The Witcher.

To accomplish such an ambitious goal, Netflix is said to be throwing an obscene amount of money behind the project to the tune of $150 million per season. To put that figure into further perspective, The Witcher‘s initial run is believed to have cost around $70-80 million in total, or approximately $10 million per episode. Not knowing how many installments (or, for that matter, how long each would be) a season would consist of makes direct comparisons tricky, but suffice it to say, the company is clearly dead set on taking full advantage of the Elder Scrolls IP.