Netflix’s hard-hitting new thriller punches above its weight on the Top 10 in 62 nations

It packs a powerful punch in more ways than one.

Back-alley brawls are always an easy method of drawing action-hungry subscribers to a brand new project that promises plenty of fisticuffs, but Netflix’s Bloodhounds has plenty of brawling set in the ring, too.

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The Korean series follows Kim Geon-woo and Hong Woo-jin, a pair of aspiring boxers who put their rivalry to one side when the gloves are off to become firm friends. They also have a shared connection as former Marines, but when they get drawn into the dangerous world of money lending and loan sharking, their penchant for swinging haymakers comes in handier than they may have expected.

Bloodhounds (L to R) Woo Do-Hwan as Kim Gun-woo, Lee Sang-Yi as Hong Woo-jin in Bloodhounds
Cr. Soyun Jeon, Seowoo Jung/Netflix © 2023

Part sports drama, part street-level crime thriller but all wrapped up in a character study, it’s easy to see why Bloodhounds has been sniffed out by viewers all around the world. Per FlixPatrol, the show has debuted as the sixth most-watched episodic original on Netflix’s global charts after knocking out a Top 10 spot in 62 countries, making it the latest Korean exclusive to find instant success.

At only eight-episodes it’s easily bingeable, too, which seems to be exactly what viewers have been doing. Whether you prefer your battles to take place in or outside the confines of the boxing world, writer and director Kim Joo-hwan will scratch that itch in one way or another.

It may not go down in the annals of history as one of Netflix’s very best, but it’s evidently got enough in the tank to convince paying customers that tracking it down and powering through the whole thing as fast as possible is in their best interest.

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