Netflix’s new show ‘Hellbound’ might just be its next Korean megahit

A new Netflix series hit the streaming service Friday that is already generating considerable buzz: Hellbound.

The fact that it’s a mature Netflix show that deals in dark themes and hails from South Korea might draw comparisons to the streaming service’s megahit Squid Game. However, the two titles are entirely different beasts.

Taking on more of a fantasy and mystery thriller vibe, Hellbound centers around unearthly beings who deliver bloody condemnations on Earth, sending people to hell and giving rise “to a religious group founded on the idea of divine justice,” according to the show’s synopsis on Netflix.

In terms of whether the show is worth your time, that is very likely the case when you consider its creator is none other than Yeon Sang-ho, the man who also helmed the incredibly entertaining zombie apocalypse flick Train To Busan, as well as the sequel, Peninsula, DigitalSpy reports.

Yeon takes on the role of both writer and director in the show, which is based on a webtoon he created, according to Netflix.

The series opens with three gigantic simian-like creatures who violently murder a man in broad daylight. After being beaten to death, the monstrosities burn the man’s corpse, reducing him to nothing more than the cremated remains of his former self. The trio of nightmarish beings then jump back to whatever dark realm they came from.

The show is already blowing people’s minds, including the inventive ways its being marketed by Netflix.

And many are recommending the show for its unique spin on the dystopian genre and action.

One noted that the monsters’ entrance scene was “intense and nerve-wracking.”

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