Netflix’s top-rated season of TV ever may not be enough to avoid cancellation, and the panic is real

warrior nun
via Netflix

Netflix generally tends to bow down to the algorithm when it comes to deciding which projects are deserving of a renewal, and which ones are forcibly dragged onto the chopping block. The recently-debuted second season of Warrior Nun may have been performing admirably on two fronts, but that doesn’t mean the comic book adaptation is safe from the axe.

Showrunner Simon Barry has admitted that the streaming service gave the show a marketing budget of almost zero, and yet it still conspired to become one of the most-watched episodic offerings in dozens of countries around the world. Beyond that, based entirely on its 100 percent critical score and 99 percent user rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Warrior Nun‘s sophomore run is the single best-reviewed run of television in Netflix’s history.

On those two statistics alone you’d expect season 3 to be a foregone conclusion, but the panic is very real, and it’s beginning to settle into the hearts and minds of viewers everywhere desperate to see more from the fantastical misadventures that continue to befall Alba Baptista’s Ava Silva.

via Netflix

On the surface, huge audience numbers and almost universal acclaim should guarantee Warrior Nun‘s third season, but history has shown on way too many occasions that Netflix doesn’t care how much people love a show if it isn’t performing up to their standards. While the platform has hoovered up several projects that were canned elsewhere including Lucifer and Manifest, we’ve yet to see the boardroom reverse its decision on one of its own in-house exclusives.

Keep those fingers crossed, then, because an anxious wait is now upon us.