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Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ ending explained: Does Wednesday catch the killers?

Does Wednesday get to celebrate a successful investigation?

Netflix's 'Wednesday' ending explained: Does Wednesday catch the killers?
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Warning: Major spoilers to follow for Wednesday.

Netflix’s star-studded new series Wednesday sees a modern-day reinvention of the famous Addams Family character, with modern scream queen Jenna Ortega playing the iconic role.

From the minds of Tim Burton and former Smallville head honchos, Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, comes the latest attempt to bring one of the most beloved horror franchises back to relevancy. The series features eight episodes, with its big finale leaving many wondering what exactly went on in Ortega’s big Netflix show.

Does Wednesday catch the killers?

The murder case is revealed to be far more than just a simple killer, but instead, part of a larger conspiracy that connects Nevermore and Jericho. The conspirators end up being Hunter Doohan’s Tyler and Christina Ricci’s Ms. Thornhill. The ending is particularly shocking considering the series build-up to Wednesday and Tyler potentially becoming an item.

Unfortunately for Wednesday, her kiss with Tyler in the previous episode confirms gives her a vision of him becoming a monstrous murderer known as Hyde. Y’know, like the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But legally distinct now it’s in the public domain.

Ms. Thornhill had been sinisterly using Tyler as a way of getting revenge on the town which she believes had done her dirty over the years. Tyler allows her to influence the pupils from within the year group, as she blackmails the young man to do her bidding. In the final confrontation, Wednesday and their friend Enid are attacked by Tyler in Hyde form, before Enid saves her by transforming into a lycanthrope.

Wounded and seemingly dead, Tyler is found by paramedics as a voice-over is interrupted as he turns into Hyde form yet again. What a twist!

In essence, Wednesday does catch half of the killers but Ms. Thornhill, actually the lost daughter Laurel, escapes. Tyler similarly is still a threat for Wednesday as an inevitable second season enters rumor mills.

Wednesday is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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