New data claims ‘Arcane’ is the top original digital series ever

Jinx from Arcane screaming
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games have been teasing that more live-action and animated content based on the League of Legends mythology is on the way, which is an understandable reaction given the massive success of Netflix’s Arcane.

The smash hit series has been a regular fixture on the platform’s Top 10 since the first three episodes landed on the sixth of this month, and Season 2 had already entered production before the streamer officially announced to the world that another run of action-packed adventures were on the way.

Nobody was expecting Arcane to prove quite as popular as it did, but new data from Parrot Analytics via Deadline claims that the video game adaptation is the number one digital series with American audiences, putting it in front of some seriously esteemed competition.

Parrot measures data by estimating what the average demand is for a project in a specific market, in this case the U.S., and then comparing it to the size of the audience that actually tunes in. As per the latest findings, demand for Arcane is up 228% among domestic audiences and 629% globally, which puts it ahead of Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, Ted Lasso and more.

The world of data analytics is a murky one when you can technically spin the numbers any way you want to suit a certain narrative, but nobody’s going to argue that Arcane hasn’t been the latest in a long line of home runs for Netflix.