New DC TV Crossover Promo Is A Fantasy Made Reality


With recently released posters for Supergirl and sister shows The Flash, Arrowand DC’s Legends of Tomorrow still fresh in our short term memories, another promo video has now debuted for next week’s big DC TV crossover – though it comes with a bit of a twist.

You see, it seems like the network has entered a bit of a partnership with Microsoft and/or Square Enix and is offering us the chance to win a one of a kind Final Fantasy XV themed Xbox One along with one of five copies of the game. Sure, it would have made more sense to promote a recently released game based on a DC Comics property, but seeing as how Final Fantasy is one of the longest lasting and most respected franchises in gaming history, I doubt many people will complain.

The new trailer offers little footage from the crossover itself and is mostly composed of snippets culled from recent episodes of shows participating in the event, so don’t expect any major spoilers. Still, if it aids any fans in getting extra hyped for next week’s epic, then the job has been done.

On Monday, November 28, the “Invasion!” kicks off starting with Supergirl. All series listed air on The CW.